Sunday 13 October 2019

Cafe Royal 'Rubber Stamps' by Stephen Fowler

My Rubber Stamps book for Cafe Royal came out in the Summer. I'm over the moon with it.
Thanks to Craig Atkinson, the fantastic publisher and photographer.

Rubber Stamps
11cm x 8cm x 1.5cm
Hand made tray with lift off lid, both 1500 micron card.
Coated with Amethyst Wibalin Buckram
Foil blocked in flat black

edition of 50

32pp zine, b/w digital
a selection of hand made prints and badges

each box contains different prints and badges. Some contain more of one and fewer of the other. Max two badges, min one badge.

The stamp impressions are all from the Minnesota Centre for Book Arts Scott Helmes and Picasso Gaglione Stamp Archive.

You can buy the book here.

The S.Helmes & W.Gaglione Stamp Archive is one of the largest repositories of rubber stamps and stamp-related materials in the world. Comprised of hundreds of commercial and one-of-a-kind boxed sets and over 70,000 individual stamps spanning a period of 120 years, the H/G Archive is both comprehensive and incredibly diverse. In addition to physical stamps, the collection includes original stamp art, artists’ books, limited-edition publications, journals, catalogs, reference materials, correspondence art, assemblings, design specifications, posters, and production materials.


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