Friday 23 September 2016

Mail Art Envelopes.

How did the UWE summer school Artistamps get to their destinations ? 
I sent them off in these rubber stamped envelopes. 

Mail Art isn't just a thing,its a process as well
Being the recipient can be an euphoric experience,and the posting can be a magical as well. 
If you're lucky, post office clerks will join in, and collaborate with you, taking time (much to the annoyance to the remaining queue) to select colour, or theme related commemorative postage stamps for your mail.

Dispersing UWE Artstamps around the world

Craig, Jen, Jane, Becky, Steve & Charlotte dispersed their stamps around the world via the Mail Art network. Correspondent Artists, the "Sticker Dude" and Vizma Bruns were some of the lucky recipients. 

Stamp collection photographed by Vizma Bruns ( they arrived safely - Phew !! ) 

Artistamps from UWE summer school

During one the summer months I ran a summer school at the Centre for Fine Print Research, part of University of the West of England. The focus was Artistamps, participants made sheets of postage stamps out of carved erasers and perforated paper. Using a variety of methods they made the classic perforated marks; adapted sowing machines, roulette leather tools (with funky foam underneath when piercing paper), and the department's victorian perforating machine, were all employed

" Snail Mail " stamps by Charlotte Hall.

Craig Atkinson stamps

" Obsolete " stamps by Jane

Space Race themed Artistamps by Steve Tarry.

" Secret " Stamps by Chloe Alexander

" Donkey " & Ice "Scream" stamps by Rebecca Weeks
" Cats " by Jen Goldsworthy