Sunday 29 September 2019

30 Day Rubber Stamp Challenge

I came across the 30-day rubber stamp challenge on the excellent Facebook group 'Rubber Stamp Art'. The 30-day rubber stamp challenge consists of making a stamp a day for 30 days. 
I cheated a little bit, some days I didn't make a stamp, other days I made over 4 or 5 stamps. Once I got started it became very addictive, any free moment I made a stamp. 
Rather than making stamps which exploited the medium, such as images to be multiplied, flies, bricks, plant segments and fonts, I made stamps to be used in multiple contexts, like a chapbook printer and their collection of picture letterpress blocks.  

The first sheet of rubber stamp impressions

The second set of stamp impressions 

The carved stamps for the 1st sheet of stamps

The second set of stamps for the second sheet