Monday, 12 March 2012

Lincoln & Rubber Stamp Publications 1980

I was invited to Lincoln Art School last week to give the 2nd year Graphic Design degree course a series of Rubber Stamp workshops.
The students were very enthusiastic and they made some great rubber stamp prints. Stamps were printed in a variety of book formats including concertina - this particular approach worked very well, prints could be viewed in isolation or as a group.

Lincoln Rubber Stamp Workshops 

More Lincoln Stamps 

The senior lectures, Barrie and Philipa were great hosts, supplying me with hot tea, coffee & sausage rolls over the two days.
Barrie lent me an interesting book called Rubber Stamp Publications (an index) by Aart van Barneveld,  printed in 1980, edition 500.
The book is  a visual catalogue of rubber stamp Atists Books from the 1970's.

The catalogue will act as a great starting point for research into this particular field of Bookart at the V&A and Tate libraries.

(L to R) Splettstosser,P.J - Stansfield,Elsa -Stansfield,Elsa/Hooykaas,Madelo -Toth,Gabor - Veen,Claerisse van Het Beestenboek.

             (L to R) Combs,Marie C - Cornelissen, Johan - Crozier, Robin - Crozier, Robin -  Dadaland/Rossman , Joel e. - Dam,Johannes Van

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