Monday, 26 March 2012

Albino Badger & Albino Musical Family

The White Badger
by Gordon Burness

Within eighteen miles of the centre of London lives Snowball,a rare albino badger.
Gary, Phil and Gordon have known Snowball since he was only a few weeks old.Gary was eleven and Phil fourteen when they arrived on Gorden's doorstep asking to be taken badger-watching.On their very first outing one of the boys saw an all-white badger cub - and that is how it all started .  . .

The Albino Musical Family, from a print by Currier & Ives.

Animals not far remote from ordinary form prepare the transition from light to darkness.Next follow those constructed for twilight and last of all those destined for total darkness.  Charles Darwin.

In albinism skin, hair and eyes are deprived of pigment,leaving the body susceptible to sunburn and the eyes to to blindness.
Certain albino creatures, rarely if ever seen, live in deep underground caves in total darkness.
Special Cases, Natural Anomalies & Historical Monsters by Rosamond Purcell.

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