Thursday, 27 October 2016

Rubber Stamping, Get Creative with Stamps, Rollers and Other Printmaking Techniques

At last my book's been published by Laurence King !
Nearly 2 years in the making.

Here are a few of its spreads.

Rob Ryan wrote an excellent forward for the book.

One of my favorite sections to write and make rubber stamps for, was the 'Materials, tools, and equipment' chapter. I really enjoyed carving the tool stamps, and putting down on paper all technical detail I've gleaned over the years.

Then came the essential pages of instructions, the basics, such as how to carve a rubber stamp. Here is a spread on deduction printing, the kamikaze printing method.

Overprinting - this spread came about quite magically. I wanted to replicate the CMYK colour wheel but in an imaginative way. Bulbs seemed an ideal solution, the resulting impressions created coloured spotlights of filtered light. 

For the avairy print I made a set rubber stamps from drawings of taxidermy birds I made, with my nephew & niece, at the Bristol City Museum.

Printing on food ! Yes you can print on food, specialist printing inks are available, or why not use food dye ?
Late one night, after several failed attempts I finally mastered how to make royal icing, its the only way to create these stamped alphabet biscuits. 

Mail Art, this is something I'm really getting into, it's remarkable. After sending dozens of pieces of post out into the world, you'll receive an overwhelming response in return. Try it, you'll full in love with the process, a perfect marriage of life & art.

The work here is a record of my correspondence between the artist Jo Cook and myself. 

The last section of the book features several alternative printing methods, or what I like to call primitive printing processes. My favorite of which is Roller Printing.

I hope you like the book, do let me know what you think.


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  2. 5 years too late but this book looks amazing!