Monday, 30 May 2016

Craft of Medicine at the Welcome Collection Reading Room

The Craft of Medicine at the Welcome Collection's reading room was a great success,
the discussions taking place during the day were inspiring and insightful. I had many a visitor commenting on the links between teaching, patient consultations and how to offer support encouragement during these interactions.

I took part of my rubber stamp archive along, visitors to my table spent time experimenting with them, making all manner of interconnecting print impressions. Its always fascinating to watch people using my stamps and the marriages of colour and stamp subject matter they create.
I also taught several surgeons to carve their own rubber stamps, they found it to be not only a practical and immediate process , but a therapeutic one to boot - of course they were very good at it - all that practice of with sharp scalpels.

Here is a link to another similar event organised by the great Roger Kneebone and the Art Workers Guild - this should give you a flavour of such meetings.

Thinking With Your Hands

And here's a picture of the Reading Room, an inspiring place to work and talk.

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