Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Artist Residency in Deptford Market.

Extra Bones: Work in Progress III 4th - 7th April 2013 Utrophia, 120 Deptford High Street, LondonSE8 4NS

I took part in a collaborative & intensive 3 day residency called 'Progress in Work III '. Andrew Kerr of  Extra Bone fame co-ordinated the event and I worked along side artists,  Reena Makwana & Tim Spooner.

First Day.

The opening night was a late, I ran an informal rubber stamp class and there was beer and some music. The rubber stamp work was included in the first Progress in Work pamphlet, I photocopied over the prints with images created by the 3 artists.

Second Day.   

I started to carve and print with the Yams, Sweet Potatoes and other root vegetables I collected from Deptford Market. Catfish, Dried Fish and Fresh Whelks were picked up to inspire the work.

Day Three

I started to explore repeated patterned printing through the use of adapted rollers. This was the first time i had attempted this, I cut out sweet potato rollers using a small piece of plastic piping then craved abstract and figurative patterns of circles and crayfish into them.

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