Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Harriet Cory-Wright and Stephen Fowler's Science Life Drawing Workshop

Science Life Drawing Class

The CPT transformation turns our universe into its mirror image, but what happens when a divergent component breaks this symmetry?

The class will concentrate on explaining and exploring the visual conventions of CPT symmetry theory. Participants will navigate though a series of staged compositions in exercises that look at symmetries in anatomical and structural form and transformations that are involved the simultaneous, and asynchronousinversions in chargeparity, and time
Harriet Cory-Wright.

The  Life Drawing Class was one of the many workshops, talks and demonstrations that took place over the length of the Jiggling Atoms Exhibition.

These included; Super/Collider's Chris Hatherill talking about the DIY Particle Accelerator, Speed Cartoonist Ellen Cummins documentation of Saturdays happenings, Natalie Kay-Thatcher & Super/Collider's Abby Schlageter Feynmn's Diagram print workshop, Ben Still's Lego Universe workshop, Jennifer Crouch's Electrickery workshop, Strange Attractor vs Disinformation Circuit Blasting demonstration, Adrain Holme's talk 'To a balloon laden with knowledge' and a science comedy set by Robin Ince.     

It was really interesting and rewarding process devising the class with Harriet and modelling along with her, Rosie and John.

Being  a builder of props, having a role of one of the instructors and life models, sometimes together sometimes separately was  a highly creative free flowing process. I'd like to experience this again, next time encouraging the  participants to also join in with creating props, modelling and moving to music and the mood of the class as well as drawing the happening, this could take place over a length of a day and evening.

More photographs to follow.

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