Monday, 20 February 2012

Preston Spiritual Evidence Group & The Psychic Power of Plants.

Found this book in the basement Quinto bookshop,Charing Cross Road,
It was once part of Preston's Spiritual Evidence Group's Library.

I wonder how many members were in this organization and what may of happened during their meetings?

Did they keep a record of their minutes?

Are there membership photographs?

And what did their headquarters look like?

 Preston Spiritual Evidence Group Update -  12/03/2012.

Plants enjoying a rendition of Bach's Minuet in G at Marty Sussman's Flower Shop,Montreal 1975.

I thought of this photograph last night & thought about the crossovers with  the Preston posting.
I like the civilized nature of the image, it gives what some people may perceive as a whimsical notion a real dignity. 
A drawing-room or Radio 3 validation rather than a scientific one perhaps.

Its taken from the book, The Gardeners Folklore by Margaret Baker, published 1978.
Evidence for the book was collected from all over the world, she posted adverts in local papers inviting readers to send in their memories old garden folklore.

This delightfully written book shows just what people have believed and still believe will help their plants grow.The observance of lunar and  astrological conditions when planting,ways of encouraging fruit-bearing and discouraging pests,beliefs about the effects of climate and calendar, spells, the influence for good and bad of certain plants, the links between owners and trees . . gleaned from the people who grew up with them, they have much to say about our rural origins as  well as having, here and there, implications for the future.

 Taken from the book-jacket slip.

Listen to Bach's Minuet in G 

 Update 29th March  -  Neolithic Chambered Tomb with Fence.

Kits Coty House

In reflecting on the image of musicians serenading hydrangeas it brought to mind this neolithic site postcard.

Like a lot of small dwellings , a fence has been built round this ancient 'house' and garden.

Kits Coty House information.


  1. I'll have a look if I can. I think it's a 'new' estate. Any suggestion of the date of the group?

    1. Hi craig,

      brilliant yes please could you take look - the book was published in 1974 - so i guess around about that point.
      I might try and visit preston on the way up to glasgow - take a look in the local newspaper files for any information.

      thanks again!