Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Assemblage Environments and Happenings.

Claes Oldenberg The Store . 1961,Environment (in Progress)
 'Yet guessing is dreaming too, and if we can never know another man's dream as he knows it, we can come to the spirit of his activity by engaging in a similar process '

Clarence Schmidt. Untitled . 1930 (?).Environment (interior)
Yayoi Kusama. From The Driving Image Show. 1964 . Environment.
Taken from the 'Note on the Photographs' , Assemblage Environments and Happenings. by Allan Kaprow. 

I found this great book in Farnham Art School Library. 
Very magical & inspiring.
Robert Whitman . The American Moon, 1960 Happening ( in progress)
as above

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