Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bogner Birdman

I'm going to apply to take part in this year's Bogner Birdman.

Dressing as the Cyptic bird 'the Mawnan Owlman'.

Keep August 4th & 5th Free.

The Bognor Birdman event first started on the South coast of Britain in Selsey in 1971, where a prize was given for anyone who could fly the grand distance of 50 yards. Nobody managed it! After a few years the event started to attract quite a crowd and in 1978 the term Bognor Birdman was coined when the event moved to its present location in Bognor Regis. Why Bognor Regis is open to debate - perhaps it was some forward thinking person at the local council - perhaps it's because the sea has a strong incoming tide to help bring people back to the beach, perhaps it is because one of the original competitors came from Bognor, it certainly isn't because it is an easy place to get to. Anyway, the event has evolved and gets ever more popular. Every year a collection of brave daring men and women dress up in bizarre outfits and become Bognor Birdmen. They compete against one another by trying to fly through the air the furthest. Some people would say that they are just a bunch of adventurous nutters who jump off the end of a pier and end up getting cold and wet when they land in the sea. Either way, it's a fun event which benefits a number of good causes.



  1. Bognor's a lot easier to get to than Selsey! I grew up in Bognor, so I've seen the Birdman event grow and grow. Now I'm in Australia it's funny to see you writing about this! Have fun with your entry...

    1. I imagine that was interesting seeing it develop over the years.

      is there anything similar in Australia ?