Friday, 18 November 2011

Inspiration during the Bristol residency - Paul Thek, Falmouth Clergy, Wildmen and Roman Goddesses.

    Design something to sell on the street corner.
    Design something to sell to the government.
    Design something to put on an altar.
    Design something to put over a child's bed.
    Design something to put over your bed when you make love.
    Make a monkey out of clay.
    Paul Thek 1978-81.
These requests been taken from a longer list devised for art students under Paul Thek's tutorship during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Each sentence inspires a different response and application.

Final outcomes are required, be they something to cherish, sacrifice, and inspire devotion or an item that’s playful, useful or symbolic.
Stephen Fowler intends to use Thek’s words as a way of guiding his on going interests, research and preoccupations towards a series of possible conclusions.

During the three-week residency in Bower Ashton’s printmaking department Fowler will be working with woodcut, rubberstamps and etched lino.

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