Friday, 28 October 2016

Rubber Stamp Workshop at the Art Workers Guild

At the end of the rubber stamp workshop participants placed their work to one side for everyone to see.  

Here's a few of the people who took part;

Harriet Higgins
Brother Rosie Collins
Donna Wilson
Demelza Oxley 
Jeannie Wilson
David Lemm
Will Hill
Marcus Haslam
Rob Lowe - Supermundane 
Isla Miller
Jackie Kirk
Edwood Burn
Hector Garay
Elva Fern√°ndez Rivero
Brother Roger Kneebone
Brother Celia Ward
Brother Prue Copper 
Brother Meredith Ramsbotham
Chloe Cheese
Pic Hall
Nammi Eu
Alex Czinczel
Eve Archer 
Jane Cradock Watson
Brother Rachael Matthews
Maureen Milsom
Leigh Milsom Fowler
William Fowler
Brother Zeel
Orson Coupland 
Bebe Higgins
Duisa Kneebone 
Tony Collins 

Jackie Kirk's page (top)
Jane Craddock Watson's page (bottom)

Many thanks to GFSmith paper and Blade Rubber Stamps for sponsoring the event ! 

More to follow . . . keep your eyes peeled ! 

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  1. Love to see this kind of creativity and hard work. Thank you for sharing this and love to see more from your side.